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Monday, December 10, 2007


Eco fraud news is spreading more and it is shaking the academic world after famous Rome university "La Sapienza" has been sadly involved in the tricky story.
On November 29th, the Science of Communications Faculty Head, Prof.Morcellini opened a meeting on "Lifestyles and Behavior of Italians" at the University Congress Centre. Researchers and sociologists attended. Even high school teachers had been invited to participate in framework of their school teaching programs. Soon after the introductory speeches, the dubious man from Neaples suburbs has been awarded Environmentalist 2007. Needless to say that a more appropriate place could not have been chosen by his clan mates, Mr.Della Seta and Mr.Fratoddi, to end their astonishing fraud. The two eco-guys were the only ones to survive as jury members.

While concerned communication has been sent to University authorities, unclear connections between some academics and "green painted" Partito Democratico top members need to be investigated! Where else in Europe, can University Congress Centres be used as stage by dubious politicians to achieve their goals? Of course their political aims are camouflaged by "cultural meetings"....

Ambiguous position of apparently reliable Mr.Della Seta was evident to everybody: while he was still in charge as president of the environmental league (Legambiente), he also showed up as national committee member of new born "Partito Democratico" led by Mr. Veltroni!

Formally, the double game ceased yesterday evening with the election of a new Legambiente president.
Substantially the links between environmental association and "Partito Democratico" keep on being very strong with the former providing a green face for the latter.

Whenever campaigning inside Universities and cultural structures is required, the sly dog uses the trendy eco-face!
My feeling is that the time has come to stop, by several means, arrogant political intrusions in any field of italian civil society...

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