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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the International Aid ....Burma and China cases

Dear Mr. Yu Ting,

I appreciated very much your detailed reply. The issue of the international aid following natural disasters is in fact twofold and deserves a comment.

The aid may be viewed (and perceived) as a genuine effort to bring relief to heavily stroken people and, I believe, this is the kind of aid provided by most humanitarian organizations and most NGO workers.

However, very often, the “aid” turns out to be a tool for economical penetrations in devasted areas. This is the kind of “aid” supported by the White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe as you can see at the URL

The latter refers just to the present Burma case but Mr. Johndroe’s ideas about aids are certainly not new and are shared by several Western governments top officials.

Being aware of this, India refused (as you say) foreign aid after the Dec 2004 tsunami. But India, unlike Burma, is a democratic and self-sufficient country whose government promptly managed to organize relief operations. Thus, India’s decision appeared to be right and should not be confused with the present Burma case.

According to the latest news, while China has wisely allowed reporters access to the devasted Sichuan province very little is known about the Burma situation aside from the fact that food aid does not reach those who need it.

As China influence on Burma junta is considerable, I feel that your proposal to contact the Chinese Students Union Leader and address the Chinese embassy in Italy is of great value no matter what the final ouput will be. Please let me know about it.

Best regards and best wishes


Marco Zoli

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