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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cooperation in DNA molecules: a Breakthrough


Dear Scientist,
Dear Friend,

While living conditions are worsening throughout the world, mankind is facing great challenges. Available natural resources are limited and are not expected to meet for ever a growing demand boosted by uncontrolled human pressure. As Easter is approaching, it may be worth reminding you that Easter Island, far away from the Chilean coast, had been the site of a relevant civilization for about five centuries starting since 900 A.C. It has been envisaged that that civilization eventually collapsed due to unsustainable usage of natural resources, mainly heavy deforestation, with consequent soil erosion and strong reduction in crop yields. On the other hand, the successful story of the Easter Island culture was marked, at its apex, by a high degree of cooperation among about twelve clans inhabiting different strips of land.

Due to the complexity of our present issues, there is today a need for more knowledge, mainly inter-disciplinary knowledge. Scientists from different fields are required to cooperate in the framework of a cross-fertilization approach. Briefly, this means that "I fertilize you and you fertilize me".

To pursue this goal I have recently developed a powerful method to investigate some key properties of the DNA molecule. You can download the paper and go through the details of the method. Download it for free because you are my friend. No matter whether you are a biologist or a physicist, a mathematician or a chemist, you will appreciate the fact that nucleotides along the double helix behave in a very cooperative manner. This was well known even before but the way to quantify such effect is new and promising: an exciting breakthrough.

Also architects, being interested in the beauty, will appreciate the beauty of the denaturation phenomenon which is essential for initiation of gene transcription.

As our nucleotides cooperate to produce local openings in the DNA molecule, we have to cooperate to foster progress and more knowledge. "I cite you and you cite me", this is the right way to do. Members belonging to different clans may desire to go beyond the fences, fly far away and get acquainted with vast aerals. Just like Finches do.
Dear Friend, enjoy reading my paper. It is my Easter gift for you. Enjoy Easter and keep yourself fit.
Dear Friend, be a Finch.

Best wishes

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