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Friday, July 18, 2008

Saving Toilet Paper is easy and useful


Toilet Paper (TP) consumption is tremendously high in Western and socalled developed countries. For years I have been warning guests, mainly women, not to waste TP. Most of them have admitted as much naively as sincerely that nobody before had taught them how to use TP...mainly city girls have no knowledge about the environmental issues behind TP productive cycle. Sometimes I felt forced to give practical demonstrations, thus convincing the guest that saving TP is very easy indeed. On the other hand millions of women throughout the world simply ignore what TP is.
I warmly invite you to click on the following link to get aware of a simple way to reduce absurd waste and improve environmental consciousness starting from your bathroom

Best wishes

p.s. men are strongly encouraged to piss in the compost...this is a must at my place. Advantages are threefold: you save water, help fermentation and have fun.

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