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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Radioactive Waste, The Nuclear Nightmare

Il seguente link video ti è stato inviato da: marco zoli

Déchets, le cauchemar du nucléaire : la bande-annonce - ARTE
marco zoli dice: Trailer del documentario di Laure Noualhat e Eric Guéret.

Production: Bonne Pioche /ARTE France


As the world wakes up to the dangers of global warming, industrialists and some politicians are presenting nuclear power as the energy of the future – squeaky-clean, fully under control and perfectly safe for human health and the environment. Sometimes it is even described as sustainable.

But is nuclear power really as clean as they make out?

Proposals to relaunch nuclear power, after most European countries had opted to abandon it, have rekindled the debate between its supporters and opponents. At the heart of the matter is everyone's fear of radioactive waste.

Waste is the nuclear industry's Achilles heel – and its worst nightmare. Populations are afraid of it and scientists still have not found a satisfactory way of dealing with it. Meanwhile, the heads of the industry try to reassure us and politicians avoid the issue.

What exactly do we know about nuclear waste? How can citizens get a clear picture of a subject which has always been shrouded in secrecy?

Our aim is to provide a worldwide overview of the subject of nuclear waste. Filming takes place in France, Germany, Russia and the USA.

The investigation is conducted with the help of independent scientists who travel with us to visit a number of nuclear facilities in different parts of the world. Via field measurements, analyses and encounters with other scientists from all sides of the debate, engineers, workers in the nuclear industry and opponents of nuclear power, the film attempts to answer the questions on everyone's minds:
- Is nuclear waste dangerous?
- What has been done with it, since nuclear power first began to be used?
- Is there a solution?

Our investigation also brings us into contact with members of governments, advisors and heads of the nuclear industry. We also hear from the anti-nuclear camp, defectors from the industry and environmental organizations. The aim is to deconstruct supposedly 'scientific' decisions on how to deal with nuclear waste. The following questions, which have never been satisfactorily answered, serve as a thread:
- Do populations know the dangers of nuclear waste?
- Is nuclear power compatible with democracy?
- Who is really in charge of nuclear power?
- What do politicians and industrialists really stand to lose?
- Might nuclear waste signal the end of nuclear power?

In our quest for the truth about nuclear waste, we shine a searchlight into the darkest corner of the taboo subject of nuclear power, endeavouring to provide everyone with the keys they need to understand the choices involved and their grave implications for the future of mankind.,,4786672,00.html

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