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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Award Environmentalist 2007 - Eco Fraud - Facts

May 2007: The italian magazine La Nuova Ecologia (National Environmental League) launches the Award Environmentalist 2007. A jury has selected 15 candidates worldwide.
Ms. E.Galgani (Magazine Staff Member) phones me to communicate I'm one of the 15.

June 12th: Elections are open. Any citizen in the world can cast her/his own vote via e-mail or fax. Anonymous votes cannot be accepted. The deadline is August 31st.

September 6th: The link to vote is (suspiciously) still appearing on the web site. My inquiries about the election output are unfruitful. Director magazine Mr.Fratoddi and webmaster Mr.Loiacono refuse to inform me. Their words are vague...."I'll get an e-mail"...

September 18th: The jury president, Mr.Fiorillo, announces the deadline shift to October 31st. Motivation is that "the initiative needs to be re-launched" ! Attempts to get more precise infos fail as the Jury president disappears.

November 13th: I inquire for the election output. Director magazine Mr.Fratoddi replies "they" are still counting the ballotts....they are so many !... He is very kind, we exchange "friendly e-mails" and news regarding GMO. I point out some evident mistakes contained in the last magazine issue.

November 15th (15:41:33): Mr.Fiorillo announces that "Eventually, the will of legality has won": the Neaples candidate (Neaples Legambiente president) is the winner. I'm placed second and Ms.Pochettino is in third position. However no figures regarding the numbers of ballotts per candidate are provided.

November 15th (22:54:00): Mr.Fratoddi samples "my degree of satisfaction" regarding the second position. Meanwhile he invites me to collaborate writing a report on environmental issues for his magazine starting from my previous remarks.

November 16th (10:25:00): I ask the "two F men" for transparency. People from all over the world have cast their vote (providing their data) and want to know the election output.

November 16th (13:00:00): Pressrelease by Legambiente Press Office (run by Mr.Fiorillo) communicates the election output: Neaples candidate DelGiudice is winner but Ms.Pochettino has now been placed second. My name is out.

Soon after, LaNuovaEcologia web site confirms the new Fiorillian version of the election result.

The "two F men" have completed the Fraud. Thousands of people throughout the world have been openly cheated. NO MATTER WHETHER THEY VOTED FOR ME OR ANOTHER CANDIDATE. They have been cheated... "In the name of legality". A longer, detailed account of the facts (in italian) is published on this blog. But all the essential steps have been given above for your considerations.

Further communications regarding the "camorra style events" (and my actions) will follow. "Camorra" is the Neaples version of the well known mafia.


Anonymous said...

Marco! You are simply a great men...I love you as you are so true...
Shalom, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Marco, why don't you sue these F- men? Or shall I do it?
Hope to meet you soon at your amazing place...ciao Eva

Anonymous said...

Eva! Marco is settled now in Italy. Do you know how the justice works there? It does not simply exist. That's why the Fraud Men can move around and act so freely. Yoel

Anonymous said...

anyway those two F guys live in Rome, don't they? A cool place to go. Uri