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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Copenhagen versus Tilonia (Rajasthan)


While the pathway towards the Copenhagen summit seems well defined, a growing number of diplomatic moves and announcements suggest that a decent compromise among the big players is the best we can expect. In fact, some OECD nations (Norway, Germany and United Kingdom for different reasons) have slightly curbed their greenhouse gases emissions with respect to 1990 but these are still crumbs. And the overall trend reports a steady increase in the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.

But I feel you want now some positive can't be everything negative!

Right, then I want to draw your attention on the Barefoot College at Tilonia in Rajasthan. Indeed a great experience which has been selected as finalist at World Challenge 2009. I'd say a button-up project which started 37 years ago and later on spread throughout many other rural villages in India, Africa and Bolivia.

Hereafter three very interesting videos. The first gives you an overview of project and motivations behind it. The second reports on the sun powered water de-salination plant at Tilonia. The third one tells you about the international dimension of the Barefoot College people.

A true master project...Enjoy !

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