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Monday, June 22, 2009

Iranian Events : Academic Appeal


On June 11th, I was exchanging some ideas on the incoming Iranian elections with a computer science student at the Islamic Azad University of Zhargan (Shiraz). The following day she would have voted for Mr. Moussavi. I realized that the openminded and clever student was perceiving my questions about Iran as slightly intrusive and perhaps provocative: as a foreigner I was supposed not to be able to fully capture her cultural background and the substance of the present Iran. Maybe she was right. On the other hand, I was surprised by her strong desire to communicate and acquaint me with the present political events in her land. Certainly on June 13th I'd have liked to know more and was about to get more when our communication was suddenly shut down...a few hours later I realized why ! Thus I got confirmation that my provocative questions had in fact some sense.

Here is an appeal signed by several Academics worldwide. It also offers an update on the tremendous Iranian events. Please read it and consider whether to join it.

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