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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Absurd Toilet Paper Consumption


While environmental issues have made their way in broad sectors of contemporary societies, citizens are seldom ready to take action when it comes to modify their own lifestyles.

It may sound hilarious even to many greenish intellectuals but Toilet Paper (TP) consumption is one of those small issues which have dramatically big effects when taken on a large scale. While in most of the socalled developing countries TP is practically unknown, Western Countries do abuse of TP with women getting obviously the lion's share. There is absolutely no need to waste half a meter TP everytime one goes for a pee, 12cm being more than enough. Such habits turn out to be a burden for sewage disposals, forests and also for the pockets.

Saving even only 10cm per pee, you may save at least half a meter per day...times the number of women in a given Country, you get the incredible length of paper one Nation may save every day.

Thus, I would urge friends and readers:

1) to check a recently published Washington Post article ,
2) deepen the related issues at the interesting Treehugger link ,
3) take action individually.

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