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Monday, November 30, 2009

Reunification in Camerino


Several years ago, mathematicians and physicists at Camerino University were members of the same Department, they sat side by side . This was an anomaly in the national landscape and, as I love anomalies, I was proud to take part in such an experience. Later on, for some technical reasons the anomaly was suppressed, the two subgroups split and took different paths. I opposed that separation in vain and with dismay.

The time goes by and nowadays Camerino is in the forefront of the national University policy: a few weeks ago Departments and Faculties have been abolished while Schools have been introduced. In the framework of the new organizational scheme, mathematicians and physicists merge once again in a common School, joined now also by chemists if I get it correctly. There are cycles in life and you have to be patient: sooner or later the wheel spins in the way you wish.

Needless to say I am very glad. Labels don't matter whereas the substance does matter and, I bet, Schools are even better than Departments. In fact, as a main result of this leading-edge policy, Carlo and Paolo are now schoolmates, Pierluigi and David are schoolmates. Above all, Luciano and I are schoolmates!

To celebrate the Reunification, I wish to give all my new schoolmates and readers a special gift which can be downloaded for free by clicking here. It is an End of the Year gift. It is free for you because you are my friend.

Dear friend, I urge you to save energy and get rid of methane in your household (as Ms Elina is doing), ride bike and eat well...go green, this will make you happier and richer!

I wish you a prosperous 2010.

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